Entrance Warning

Entry Alert

EntryAlert™ is an entrance warning system for both remote operators and mine personnel.

Mine personnel are alerted that there is a remote machine in use in a stope through the use of a strobe light at the entrance to the work area. The remote operator is alerted that personnel have entered his work area through the strobe light in the remote operator’s station.

The strobe light flashes at the drift entrance which notifies pedestrian and vehicle traffic that “remote mucking” is in progress. If the light beam is broken by entry into the area, the strobe at the operator station is immediately activated, notifying the operator of entry behind him. Once the area is clear, the operator can then reset the module, which turns off the light at the station and resets the light at the stope entrance. In the normal mucking cycle, when the operator switches from remote to manual, the entrance strobe continues to flash until the LHD passes through the beam. When the operator returns to the remote stand and powers the remote, the entrance strobe is re-activated, warning again of remote control in operation.

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