Pedestrian Detection


Blaxtair® is an intelligent pedestrian detection camera which helps prevent collisions between machinery and pedestrians.

Blaxtair® detects any obstacle and recognizes if it is a pedestrian or not by analyzing its shape. If there is imminent danger to a person it will alert the driver immediately. This allows for sufficient reaction time to prevent a potentially fatal collision. Blaxtair® warns the operator only when it is necessary.

Distributed by Hard-Line in Mexico, Peru and Chile only.

• Can be installed on any machine

• 7’ LCD screen, camera, processing unit

• Rate decrease of accidents and near-accidents

• Operator and of pedestrian stress reduction

• Assistance with maneuvers

• Increased productivity and safety

  • Pedestrian Detection Camera
  • Pedestrian Detection Video
  • Pedestrian Detection Mining
  • Proximity Detection Camera
  • Blaxtair
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