Quad Camera


Tram Cam Quad is an excellent on board quad camera system that can be used on any vehicle in a mine, covering all the blind spots an operator experiences.

The system can hold up to 4 cameras and show all 4 on the monitor, making driving easier and reducing the risk of collisions. The system is designed to withstand the demanding shock and vibration requirements of on board monitoring.

In addition to its high impact rating, Tram Cam Quad is IP68 rated to protect your investment against dust, water and other environmental contaminants.

Each kit contains monitor, one camera and 65’ of cable (additional cameras extra).

• Water Resistant (IP68)

• Auto NTSC/PAL detection

• Auto day/night detection

• Adjustable speed switch

• Vandal resistant (AI housing)

• Support various divide modes

• Parking distance marker settings

• Capacitive touch key

• Multi-functional camera support: Normal/Shutter/Tilt

  • Tram Cam Quad
  • 4 Tram Cam Cameras
  • Tram Cam
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