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Hard-Line has had a high degree of success in regard to its Teleop (Tele-Operated Remote Control System), which enables the operator to control any machine from a remote location. The company told IM: “We recently used this system in New Mexico for a demolition company that was decommissioning a military base. The system enabled the heavy equipment to be operated from a safe location while excavating dangerous commodities from the site. In another application, a mine in northern Quebec uses Hard-Line’s Teleop system in their open pit operation, removing operators from risk zones. We are also currently commissioning seven large mining vehicles of various types and brands in South America that will remove the operators from risk. Because Teleop can be customized for virtually any heavy industrial machine, and so mixed fleets made up of various manufacturers are not a problem. It is this flexibility and safety component that makes it a very attractive solution to the operation of these machines.” In underground applications, Teleop has been used for multiple rock breaker sites operated by one remote Teleop station, resulting in greatly improved efficiency. It has also been configured to operate drills, LHDs and a host of other equipment. Shift changes in underground operations result in lost productivity, but with Teleop production can continue during these periods resulting in increased productivity in the mine. Hard-Line’s market position is “we can Teleop any machine you run” and states that this holds true based on the breadth of real applications. In the very near future Hard-Line will be launching its Operator Assist system, which will allow the operator to run an LHD transporting ore without steering using laser technology to guide the machine. Load and dump would still be manually controlled from the Teleop site, but the transport to and from the muckpile would be on automated steering. “The benefits of less machine damage, higher speed, and increased efficiency make the system a profitable option. The Operator Assist System will launch Hard-Line toward the goal of automated mucking of ore” the company told IM.

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Hard-Line Senior Technician

Hard-Line Senior Technician, Phil Pelland, poses with a Cat 994F wheel loader which was fitted with Hard-Line’s Teleop remote control system.

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