Proximity Detection


Prox™ is an integrated proximity detection system designed to prevent accidents and injuries by detecting when a remote operator enters a zone around the piece of machinery being operated. When a zone is breached, the system emits an audible and visual warning alert and can be programmed to slow or stop the machine automatically.

While there are other products that are used in proximity detection, Prox™ is integrated into the Hard-Line RRC System, thus eliminating conflicting signals that could result in failure of one or both systems on the machine. Mines using Prox™ on their LHDs, for example, provide their operators with additional warning to avert dangerous incidents.

In the Warning Zone, the system is configured to deliver both audible and visual warnings that the operator is getting to close to the machine. These warnings will only stop when the operator has removed himself from the warning zone.

The Prohibited Zone is a no-go zone. The system can be configured to either stop the machine by applying the service and park brakes while locking out all functions or shutting down the machine completely. In both instances the operator will have to leave the zone and cycle the unit before being able to move the machine.

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  • Proximity Detection Systems
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