Radio Remote Control

Hard-Line RRC (Radio Remote Control) allows operation of heavy machinery (e.g., LHDs, drills, wheel loaders, excavators, dozers, rock breakers) from a distant location.

The radio remote control is designed and produced to achieve superior performance while being exposed to the harsh conditions of underground mining. Bi-directional controls allow not only the control of the machine, but a responsive touch that gives the operator the ultimate level of security and safety.

• Adaptable to all machines (regardless of manufacturer, size, existing control)

• Compact, modular, and user-friendly

• Designed for Harsh Environments (Mining)

• Less down-time equals more production

• Solid state valve drivers

• 900MHz spread spectrum radios

• Proportional hydraulic valves

• Customizable (Customization of functions)

Wireless Medium: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Radio

Opening Frequency Range: 902-928 MHz

Approvals: USA: FCC 15.247, Canada: 2311101331A3 17

Radio Data Rate: Up to 860 Kbps (FCC, CANADA)

Maximum Radio Data Rate: 1.35 Mbps (not FCC approved)

Frequency Resolution: 300 kHz

Frequency Stability: +/- 5kHz

Chipping Rate: Selectable up to 9.457 Mcps

Spread Ratio (min/max): 5:1 / 50:1

Processing Gain (min/max): 11 dB / 17 dB

Output Power: +26.5 dBm / 450 mW

Sensitivity (@ 10-5 bit error rate): -95 dBm@215 Kbps, -87 dBm@860 Kbps

Adjacent Channel Rejection: 23 dBc

Receive/Transmit Turnaround Time: 1 ms

Modulation: BPSK

  • Mining Radio Remote
  • Wheel Loader Remote
  • Drill Radio Remote
  • Locomotive Control
  • Industrial Remote Control
  • RRC Dozer
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Hard-Line RRC

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