Hard-Line introduced Teleop Multi in the year 1997. Multi was first designed for TVX Snow Lake Mine in Manitoba where three rockbreakers were running from one remote control station. One rock breaker was remote, and the other two were local. The development of Multi was the start of a new practical technology that would improve the mining industry.

Teleop Multi was produced to allow various machines to be accessed, one at a time, from one control station. Hard-Line’s Multi can be retrofitted onto any machine, make or model. Multi’s diversity allows operators to run heavy machinery like rockbreakers, LHD’s (load-haul-dump machines), locomotives, drills, dozers, and dump trucks of all makes and models with one control station on surface or underground.

The use of Multi improves safety, productivity, and efficiency. It allows operators to perform the work that is done with large machines without having to be in the proximity of any danger and be able to switch from multiple types of machines easily. Overall, Multi saves time, heightens operator safety, improves amenity and allows the smooth operation of equipment.

Hard-Line’s Teleop Multi has been very prominent in the last six years and continues to be an essential piece of technology for the mining industry. Hard-Line is still implementing Multi after 22 years. Now, Teleop Multi can be paired with Teleop Assist with 3D scanning and assisted steering or Teleop Auto with automatic speed, steering and braking.