Teleop LHD Teleremote Control

For LHDs

Hard-Line’s Teleop™ LHD Teleremote Control Systems allows tele-operation of load haul dumps and other machinery from a remote control station, allowing the operator to be totally out of the proximity of danger.

The stand-alone WiFi based infrastructure has the ability to easily expand with a mine’s progression, and the capability of interconnecting mine-wide for eventual surface control. The system saves time, heightens operator safety, improves comfort, and allows a greater percentage of the workforce to operate equipment.

• Designed to withstand the underground environment

• Long distance coverage

• High quality digital picture

• Infrastructure can be easily relocated by mine personnel

• Real-time transfer of data, no delays

• Radio is adaptable to any machine

• Allows customization of functions

  • LHD Teleremote Control
  • LHD Teleremote Control
  • Tele-remote Control Chair
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