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HARD-LINE Launches A New Add-on Feature Bucket Assist to Its TeleOp System and Announces a New Product

March 14, 2023

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Las Vegas, NV – In industries like mining and construction where heavy machines are the norm, worker safety has the highest priority. Presently, more and more companies are adopting remote control, teleoperation, and automation solutions to keep their workers safe.

Staying aligned with their brand-agnostic prowess, HARD-LINE launched Bucket Assist this year at CONEXPO 2023. Bucket Assist is an add-on feature to HARD-LINE’s TeleOp systems that gives the TeleOp operator a visual representation of the position of the boom and bucket in relation to the ground.

HARD-LINE’s current and new clients can opt for this feature that will ensure increased productivity and efficiency. This new feature brings the machine operator closer to the machine without leaving their TeleOp control stations, increasing productivity while continuing to keep the machine operator at a safe distance.

Phil Pelland, Vice President, Sales, HARD-LINE, says, “Tactile feedback from the machine is crucial for any machine operator to judge the position and placement for optimum productivity. This is a solution our customers needed, and we are pleased to deliver.”

In addition to this new feature, HARD-LINE has made an exciting announcement on a new product that will revolutionize teleoperation. The new product is a compact box that CONNECTs everything from the machine to its machine operator by enabling successful collaboration between HARD-LINE and its clients. This new product will continue to keep safety at the forefront while also shining the light on a core company value – collaboration.

To learn more about the company and its innovative products please visit HARD-LINE’s website. Stay connected with HARD-LINE on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.



Established in 1996 in Sudbury, Ontario, HARD-LINE is a leading supplier of automation, teleoperation, and remote-control technology to the mining industry. With branch offices in Chile, Peru, and the U.S.A., along with a worldwide distribution network, HARD-LINE is a global company that develops its products from the ground up, utilizing years of experience in mining, electronics, electrical design, and mechanical design. For more information on HARD-LINE