Low Profile Loader


Hard-Line’s LP401 is a remote control operated low profile loader (skid steer) that can be used in a variety of restrictive areas where a normal man-operated machine cannot operate.

A safe and easy way to collect or move ore and clean. The machine has been developed following mine requirements and user needs.

Applications include: culvert cleaning, conveyor cleaning, military missions, building defensive berms, push blasted ore, removal of spillage, removal of materials, cleaning slopes after blasting, mucking operations in thinly bedded deposits, pushing ore, and carrying ore.

• Fully remote controlled operation

• Low profile for restrictive areas

• Perfect for hazardous areas

• Extremely flexible for use of operation

• Can be used with any standard skid steer attachment

• Can be operated by radio remote (operator line of sight)

• Can be operated by radio remote with video option (extended line of sight with camera)

• Can be operated by tele-remote (camera operated only, no operator line of sight)


Engine Cooling: Liquid

Emissions Tier (EPA): Interim Tier 4

Engine Fuel: Diesel

Horsepower: 49 hp

Travel Speed: 7.3 mph (11.75 km/h)

Fuel Tank: 14.4 gal (54.5 litres)

Width: 58.7 in (149.1 cm) (1.491 m)

Width (with bucket): 62 in (157.48 cm) (1.5748 m)

Height: 40 in (101.6 cm) (1.016 m)

Turning Radius: 68.7 in (174.498 cm) (1.74498 m)

Wheelbase: 35.5 in (90.17 cm) (0.9017m)

Push Force: 3400 lbs. (1542 kg)

Control System

Wireless Medium: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Radio

Opening Frequency Range: 902-928 MHz

Approvals: USA: FCC 15.247, Canada: 2311101331A3 17

Radio Data Rate: Up to 860 Kbps (FCC, CANADA)

Maximum Radio Data Rate: 1.35 Mbps (not FCC approved)

Frequency Resolution: 300 kHz

Frequency Stability: +/- 5kHz

Chipping Rate: Selectable up to 9.457 Mcps

Spread Ratio (min/max): 5:1 / 50:1

Processing Gain (min/max): 11 dB / 17 dB

Output Power: +26.5 dBm / 450 mW

Sensitivity (@ 10-5 bit error rate): -95 dBm@215 Kbps, -87 dBm@860 Kbps

Adjacent Channel Rejection: 23 dBc

Receive/Transmit Turnaround Time: 1 ms

Modulation: BPSK

  • Skid-steer Loader
  • Underground Machine
  • Underground Machine
  • LP401 Low Profile Loader

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