Parts and Service

Hard-Line has distributed high quality parts since its inception. We offer a wide array of replacement parts and upgrades. Choose genuine Hard-Line parts to ensure optimum performance, reduce maintenance costs, and increase equipment longevity. All parts are fully inspected prior to packaging and shipment.

Hard-Line keeps a large inventory at each office location so clients can quickly get the parts they need. Parts can be delivered directly to the job site and installed by experienced Hard-Line technicians.

Hard-Line is proud to sell efficient, safe, and reliable equipment. However, even our high quality equipment requires maintenance for optimal performance. We offer non-binding preventive maintenance programs which are tailored to each individual’s needs.

Hard-Line technicians are qualified to do inspections, installations, and repairs on site. They are highly experienced in remote controls and heavy machinery. Hard-Line technicians go wherever you need them whether it is on surface or underground. We can even provide operation training and maintenance training.

Downtime isn’t an option, if you need a part or service, please contact us.

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