♪ Melodic techy music ♪The BackBone networks logo, eleven white circles aligned in a wave-like shape, similar in shape to the side profile of a spine, underneath, “BackBone networks” written in white. The logo starts large but shrinks to the top left corner. An operator wearing safety gear flickers/glitches into view.
The background shows a narrow, brownish, long tunnel in an underground mine with yellow and green cables giving off an enhanced electric, futuristic look. Glitchy rectangular patterns are pasted throughout the underground mine.
The operator is plugging a cable into a BackBone networks box. On the right of the operator, “Fast,” “Scalable,” and “Simple,” written in yellow labels. Beneath the “Fast” label, “1Gbps access point bandwidth” and “Up to 125 Mbps download rate.” Beneath the “Scalable” label, “Consistent network connection” and “Expands with your operation.” Beneath the “Simple” label, “Plug and play installation” and “24 Volts”. The font glitches out then the next backbone image comes into view.
Against the wall of a mine, a large yellow box with the black HARD-LINE logo on it. Several cables exit the box and run out of view. Others hang on hooks next to the box. Monitoring lights on the yellow box give connectivity information. In the bottom left, a yellow label “Simple.” Beneath the label, “Designed for underground environment” and “24 Volts.”
♪ Melodic techy music comes to an end ♪A wire background with a piece of metal sitting on it. A printer quickly appears and engraves the HARD-LINE logo into the metal and the company colours fade in to fill the logo. The website then appears underneath reading www.Hard-line.com in black writing.