♪ Melodic techy music ♪An animated image cross-section of an entire mine site. Focusing on different parts of the mine site, starting with above ground. The view zooms into the top part of the mine’s infrastructure. There are various buildings and machines, signaling the above ground portion of the mine site. In these buildings you could have a TeleOp station and/or a network room. The view pans from left to right before going back to a wide view of the mine, then tilts down showing all of the different underground levels.
Focusing on the shaft itself as we begin to descend below the organic matter, surface soil, subsoil, and parent material into the bedrock. The mine is labelled with detail from the vent raise, vertical shaft, cage, to the power & network connection/electrical substation and various levels.
There is a zoom on two BackBone parts on the left-hand side, the access point and switch panel. Arrows signal where they are located in the mine.
The image then pans right at the 1600 level, the first horizontal tunnel. Below that, at the 2400 level another horizontal tunnel.
In both tunnels, it reaches a fiber panel. This is a power & network connection/electrical substation. The emphasis is on the fibre panel and network Cable 24 V 8 power cables.
From there, we see a close-up of the sample drift application, a top view of the 1600 level with static machines working in unison on that level.
We see no more close-ups, rather a final shot of the entire mine slowly zooms out.
♪ Melodic techy music comes to an end ♪A wire background with a piece of metal sitting on it. A printer quickly appears and engraves the HARD-LINE logo into the metal and the company colours fade in to fill the logo. The website then appears underneath reading “www.Hard-line.com” in black writing.