♪ Upbeat Rock Music ♪A road with desert and mountains in the background. In the foreground a fence and four road pilons. Below the fence and the pilons there are culverts that travel beneath the road. Slowly fading in, the Banicki Construction logo, two yellow triangles that touch at the top with the overlayed letters “bc”. An LP401 is parked outside one of the culverts. An LP401 is a low-profile skid steer that can get into restricted areas other person-operated machines cannot.
Slowly approaching the LP401 from the right side there is a unique box transition from the first shot to this shot. Shortly after the transition, large white text appears, “Low profile loader”.
An operator’s hands with black gloves as they operate an unseen LP401. The LP401 is in the background to the left of the operator’s position. The LP401 reverses down a hill and turns to be in front of the operator. A thick yellow ring with white text straight across it spells out, “Remote control operator”.
A view from high up, likely a shot from a drone or crane, show an LP401 enter one of the culverts and disappears. A view from the LP401’s perspective, we see the bucket and the arms to the left and right as it approaches a pile of dirt and rocks in the culvert to pick up some of the debris. Upon arriving, the bucket picks some up in a scooping motion. Above the pile, in white letters in a darker rectangle, “Debris and blockage removal Lifting Capacity 907 Kg (2000 lbs).” The LP401 begins reversing out of the culvert with a full bucket.
The LP401 exits the culvert and begins to turn to move forward in a different direction. The LP401, still reversing turns to move in another direction.
The LP401 driving up the pile of previous debris. Once it reaches the top of the pile, it begins to dump the bucket. Upon dumping the bucket’s contents, the LP401 returns to the culverts. Behind it, the operator walks with the LP401 toward the culverts.
The LP401 enters one of the culverts once again in a drone shot view then into a close-up view.
There is an ariel view of the highway with the LP401 unseen in the culvert. As the drone crosses the highway, “Long Range Radio Control” appears in white, semi-bold lettering.
The side of an LP401 comes to view. To the left of the LP401, in dark grey letters, “Features.” Beneath the darker text, overlayed on top of the LP401, listed one of top of the other in white shadowed letters, “Low Profile” “Built for confined spaces” “Safe and efficient.”
An LP401 reversing down the debris pile after having added a load to it. As it returns to enter the culverts once more, slowly fading in is the Banicki Construction logo.
♪ Upbeat Rock Music comes to an end ♪As the music fades, the LP401 is reversing down a hill then the next cut shows the black and yellow Banicki construction logo followed by a fade into a black background white lettering sliding in from left to right into view, “www.banicki.com” before fading to black once more. Slowly fading into view is a round logo. Orange and purple sky behind a white mountain. The word “Palo Fierro Presentations” written in white.