No sound/no music bed throughoutAn LP401 from the side, showing off the counterweights on one of the sides of the loader. A semi-transparent orange bar overlays a third of the image. A white HARD-LINE logo, two white mountain lines, bisected horizontally by the word “HARD-LINE,” is in the orange bar. Below it the LP401 logo, “LP401” with the L and the P in bold lettering. Below both, in white, “Removing & Adding Counterweights.”
HARD-LINE team member without a name key:“In this video I’ll show you how easy it is to remove and add counterweights on the LP401. Each plate weighs about 50 pounds or 22.7 kilograms. So now we're going to remove the plates on this side”A HARD-LINE team member standing in a shop with several tools nearby. Behind him, machinery and more tools and 3 large shop doors. Next to him an LP401, he is standing near one of the sides of the LP401. This is where the counterweights are placed on the LP401.
Power drill noisesThe HARD-LINE team member, with power drill in hand bends over to line the drill up with the bolts that hold the counterweight plates to the side of the machine. Once the drill is lined up, he engages the drill to loosen the two bolts one at a time.
Once loosened, he places the drill on the floor next to him before picking up the closest plate and placing it on a piece of cardboard on the shop floor. He does the same for the two other plates.
HARD-LINE team member: “So depending on how many plates you're going to use; the length of the bolt may have to change. So, the three have been removed on this side, I'm going to go to the other side and take those off.”The two bolts, now with no weight on them are much more visible on the side of the machine. The HARD-LINE team member, now standing gestures to the near side of the machine and then to the far side of the machine. He then walks to the other side of the machine, drill in hand.
Power drill noisesOnce he arrives to the other side, he lines up the drill on the two bolts before loosing them one at a time. He removes the plates one at a time until all three have been removed.
Power drill noisesThe video speeds up while the employee replaces the three plates on the near side. He once again tightens the bolts.
HARD-LINE team member: “And that's how easy it is, it only takes a couple minutes.”The HARD-LINE team member on one knee after tightening the bolts. He gestures to the LP401.
Returning to the title card of the LP401’s counterweight displayed. On the left the HARD-LINE logo, the LP401 logo and “Removing & Adding Counterweights.”