♪ Upbeat Rock Music with a country feel ♪A four-photo collage of the LP401. The top left image is of the LP401 with the rockbreaker attachment, driving off a large trailer into a construction site. The top right image is of the LP401 with the rockbreaker attachment in action. It is being used to smash a large piece of concrete into smaller chunks. The bottom left image is a closer view of the rockbreaker attachment itself while breaking concrete into chunks. Overlayed on top of this image, in black, is the HARD-LINE logo, two mountain lines bisected horizontally by the word HARD-LINE. Below the HARD-LINE logo is written in black “LP401” and below that “Rockbreaker.” The final image on the bottom right, an operator in the doorway of a truck, holding an RRC controller, assumed to be for an LP401. In the background, inside the truck a yellow Far Sight case sits on the seat.
♪ Upbeat Rock Music fades to the background ♪An operator wearing safety gear standing in front of a truck and trailer. On the trailer behind him, an LP401 with a rockbreaker attachment. Next to the LP401, a remote control with a video screen attached to the top. As the operator begins speaking, three labels (name key) stacked vertically, fade into view. On the top, orange, label, written in white, “HARD-LINE.” On the second, white, label, written in black, JC Pierce. On the last, black, label written in white, “US Sales Executive.”
JC Pierce / HARD-LINE US Sales Executive: “JC with HARD-LINE Solutions out here with the LP401. My friends at Intermountain Bobcat rented us a Bobcat to come out here and break a bunch of cement out. Let’s go ahead and see what it’ll do.”The LP401 driving off the trailer once it has been lowered. As the LP401 descends, it raises its arms and the rockbreaker attachment with it.
Audible rattling and banging of a jackhammer or, in this case, rockbreaker attachment.The LP401, with the rockbreaker attachment approaching a concrete pillar laying on its side. The tip of the attachment touches the pillar and begins breaking off smaller chunks of concrete.
JC: “HARD-LINE’s remotes are real simple.”
JC: “This is your lift and hoist control, your drive controls, a couple switches for your LED lights and your auxiliary control.”JC with the RRC that corresponds to the LP401 attached around his shoulder with a black harness. He gestures and holds the right joystick. He gestures and holds the left joystick. He gestures to the various switches beneath the set of joysticks. He gestures toward another set of switches beneath the right joystick.
Audible rattling and banging of a jackhammer or, in this case, rockbreaker attachment.Return to the LP401 as it continues to break pieces of concrete off the pillar from several different angles in succession.
JC: “HARD-LINE offers, not just the screen on your remote so that you can operate safely from inside the cabin of your truck, but we also offer a second screen that we call Far Sight. It’ll give you the ability to still maintain operations at a safe distance that’ll give you optimal viewing from anywhere to where you’re at, with up to a thousand feet.”JC standing in the doorway of his truck, holding the RRC remote for the LP401. Behind him in the background, a Far Sight case sits on the seat. As JC speaks, he gestures toward the RRC remote screen. He then reaches in an pulls the Far Sight case toward him.
More rattling and banging from the rockbreaker attachment.The LP401 breaking chunks of concrete from the same pillar. Inside the pillar as some pieces fall off it, there are several pieces of rebar. The LP401 with rockbreaker attachment is still able to smash chunks of concrete from the pillar.
A loud crash plays when the logo lands.The HARD-LINE logo, brown and orange mountains bisected horizontally by “HARD-LINE" written in white, crashes down onto dark earth, causing some earth and dust to be scattered. The white LP401 logo with the HARD-LINE logo on the side of it slides underneath the main logo. Fade to black. In large, white, rough and faded letters, “Rockbreaker.”
♪ Upbeat Rock Music Comes to an end ♪