♪ Upbeat Rock Music ♪Fade up from black, there is a spiral aerial view closing in on a parked LP401, a low-profile skid steer orange in colour with a logo on the hood.
An LP401 parked in front on several culverts that run beneath a road. A faded HARD-LINE logo, brown and orange mountains bisected horizontally by “HARD-LINE" written in white, is in the bottom right of the screen. There are several beauty shots in succession of a parked LP401 from different angles before the action starts.
The LP401 raises its bucket and turns the bucket from flat to angled downward followed by a zoom in shot of the LP401 coming in from the side.
An operator’s hands on the LP401’s corresponding RRC remote. The operator moves the left joystick in a forward motion. The LP401 advances toward one of the culverts, corresponding with the motion of the remote. Several different angles are shown of the LP401 entering the culvert. The LP401 fits perfectly within the culvert, with a few inches to spare above the loader and a few feet on either side. The LP401 navigates the culvert, able to drive through the culvert and reverse out.
The LP401 reversing out of one of the culverts with a bucket full of dirt and rocks before turning to advance in another direction. The LP401 drives to pile of pervious debris and dumps the bucket to add to the pile before reversing. The dump is from a bird’s eye-view that is zooming in
The LP401 easily reversing up a small lip in ground of the site.
The LP401 entering one of the culverts once again.
The operator, operating the RRC remote. In the background, the LP401 parks as the operator presses the red stop engine button. One final dramatic side-view zoom is shown before the closing scene of the LP401 and HARD-LINE website slate.
♪ Upbeat rock music comes to an end ♪A black background with the white HARD-LINE logo followed by the LP401 logo. Beneath both logos written in white “www.hard-line.com”.