♪ Upbeat Jazz Music ♪Dark Earth begins to tremble as the HARD-LINE logo, brown and orange mountains bisected horizontally by “HARD-LINE" written in white, crashes down onto it causing some earth and dust to be scattered. The LP401 logo, “LP401” with the L and the P in bold lettering, with the HARD-LINE logo on the side of it slide underneath the main logo. Fade to black. 
View from on top of the LP401, as a camera was placed on top of the LP401 while it was in a trailer (GoPro). A timelapse as the trailer is driven through the colourful and bright Las Vegas strip at night. City buildings with bright lights, palm trees line the streets. There are also lots of people. At the bottom of the screen white captions within an orange background, “Our LP401 made its way to Las Vegas. To do one of the things it does best, safely and effectively clean and clear culverts. Here is some proof, including a client’s testimonial.”
♪ Upbeat jazzy music stops ♪An LP401 entering a narrow culvert, it fits perfectly. It enters and disappears into the darkness of the culvert. It comes backing out with a bucket full of debris, which it dumps into a pile nearby. The area is full of dirt and grassy fields.
Whirring sound of the LP401 running. When it is reversing, there is a beeping warning sound.
Chuck / An LP401 user and customer  : “My name’s Chuck, we rented the LP401 from HARD-LINE. We rented it for a period of 3 months. We were able to accomplish approximately 8 culverts a week, sometimes more than that. And we averaged anywhere from 90 to 130 yards per day. The company was really easy to work with and we’re already looking forward to when we rent it again.”Chuck standing in front on an LP401, giving a testimonial about the low-profile loader.
Chuck is covered with video. The LP401 enters a culvert and scoops a bucket full of debris. It backs out of the culvert and dumps it into a pile nearby, where a small excavator is waiting to clear the pile.
Back to Chuck speaking about his experience with HARD-LINE and the LP401.
The light whirr as the LP401 operates.An operator’s hands operating the RRC remote. The operator engages the left joystick.
The warning beeping sound as the LP401 reverses.The LP401 reversing out of a wider rounded culvert with another bucket full of debris. The LP401 reverses until it is close to the excavator before dumping the bucket into the pile.
♪ Upbeat jazzy music returns and fades with the visuals ♪Return to the timelapse of the LP401 on a trailer driving through Las Vegas. Overlayed on top of the view of the city in a white rectangle written in white letters, “sales@hard-line.com” written in white below the rectangle, “for more info.” Fade to black.