♪ Electric rock music in the background♪A man standing in a tunnel looking towards a large door. The large door quickly opens where a bright light emerges around the miner and white dust flows in.
Walter Siggelkow / President and founder of HARD-LINE: “This company has actually developed something that is pretty unique.” A zoomed in view of the company logo HARD-LINE with the mountains printed above in black. It is printed on a piece of yellow equipment.
Walter Siggelkow speaking, with the TeleOp System displayed in the background to his right side. Walter is wearing a white, red, and purple plaid shirt with a suit jacket over top.
Ryan Siggelkow / Senior VP Technology at HARD-LINE: “So the impact is big” An operator’s hand operating the TeleOp joystick.
Ryan Siggelkow speaking, with the TeleOp System displayed in the background on his left side. Ryan is wearing a white dress shirt and a navy-blue suit jacket and tie.
A man with glasses sitting on a TeleOp chair. Several screens show the important information for the worker to properly operate the connected machine. On one monitor, the video feeds from different cameras on the machine. On another monitor, this one a touch screen, a 2D map of the mine shaft is displayed with the connected machine driving along inside.
Walter: “When the company started what the vision was, was to build a better radio remote control system.”A yellow LHD operating underground and going down a tunnel.
The same view of Walter speaking.
A Waterjet Cutting machine  seen cutting material.
Walter: “All the systems that were available had been adapted from other industries. They hadn’t been specifically built for the mining industry.”A pick and place machine placing the pieces on mother boards.
The same view of Walter speaking.
Ryan: “Research and development is a huge part of what we do.”HARD-LINE employee walking through the aisle with a clipboard . The aisle is lined with stock of parts in white boxes.
The same view of Ryan speaking.
Ryan: “We’re an innovative company and we do strive to push innovative products all the time.”The pick and place machine moving parts around onto different motherboards.
The waterjet cutting machine repositioning the jet to a different desired cut.
Technical CAD drawings on a computer screen.
A hand holding a screwdriver working on a piece of equipment.
A HARD-LINE employee working on the wiring of a piece of equipment. The box is sitting on a table with wires coming out of the top.
Walter: “We’re not a systems integrator, we design those boards.”The same view of Walter speaking.
“The real-time operating system is our operating system.” A HARD-LINE worker wearing safety glasses and focusing on the task at hand.
Several motherboards  in production are lined up and ready to go.
A HARD-LINE employee working with three different computer screens. Lines of code appear on one of the 3 monitors.
A yellow Far Sight Camera screen, with the HARD-LINE logo displayed on the screen as the operating system powers up.
Walter: “You know all of those types of things give us a finished product that we have total control over.”The same view of Walter speaking.
The back of the TeleOp chair where the logo is visible in white with a black background.
Ryan: “The TeleOp is the core of the system, so it’s where everything starts.The man with glasses sitting in the TeleOp chair, still operating the same underground LHD. The man’s head is blurred but he is looking at two monitors. The monitor in plain view is showing two views of an LHD driving in the mine with an interface of the TeleOp Auto system. Reverse, Neutral, Drive are some options on the interface. The secondary screen bottom right is blurred
Jim Doyle / Development Lead and Auto Implementation at HARD-LINE: “TeleOp system is a hardware agnostic. Means we can put it on any vehicle, any year, any model. Jim is standing underground wearing a hard hat, safety glasses and an orange pair of reflective coveralls with the HARD-LINE logo displayed on the right side. In the background behind him is a yellow LHD.
A yellow LHD underground being piloted by the TeleOp operator.
Ryan: “The truck that is driving across the level we can automate that truck across the level.”The same view of Ryan speaking.
More visuals of the TeleOp screen and the corresponding interface and camera video feeds from the TeleOp-equipped LHD.
Ryan: “The rock breaker that it feeds onto we can run that rock breaker from the system.”Zoom on the operator’s hand as he uses the TeleOp joystick.
Zoom on the operator’s boot as he presses on the driving pedal.
Walter: “The other part of the scenario is you have to increase productivity, safely.”Another monitor displays a 3D mapping of the mineshaft being controlled and maneuvered in 3D by the operator for a better view of the mineshaft.
The same view of Walter speaking.
Jim: “TeleOp system allows them to stay on surface. Gets that extra production out of the mine site. Keeps them out of danger.”Jim speaking while walking outdoors, in a snowy area.
360-degree view of the man with glasses and TeleOp chair while the man is operating.
Zoom on a different operator in work boots using the pedals that are located on the TeleOp chair.
Jim continues walking outdoors while speaking.
HARD-LINE team member standing in front of a large vertical machining center.  He’s wearing a HARD-LINE uniform with his arms crossed.
Ryan: “That’s been our goal is to continue to put innovative products on the market, forever.Another HARD-LINE team member sitting at workstation also wearing a HARD-LINE uniform with wires in his hand.
Another HARD-LINE team member in a uniform standing in an aisle full of stock parts in cardboard boxes, smiling.
Another HARD-LINE team member in uniform looking up from their work and smiling.
The waterjet and pick and place machines quickly shown as they continue to produce metal parts.
The same view of Ryan speaking.
Walter: “This is changing the way business is done”The man in glasses operating the TeleOp system, operating the same LHD. Zoom toward the operator’s screens.
The same view of Walter speaking.
♪ Electric rock music comes to an electric end♪Various quick shots of the TeleOp chair are shown using different angles, then the image transitions to a wired background with a piece of metal sitting on it. A printer quickly appears and engraves the HARD-LINE logo into the metal and the company colours fade in to fill the logo as the background is filled in with an eggshell white colour.