A deep trembling occurs accompanying the trembling on screen and a loud crash plays when the logo lands. Dark Earth begins to tremble as the HARD-LINE logo, brown and orange mountains bisected horizontally by “HARD-LINE" written in white, crashes down onto it causing some earth and dust to be scattered. The TeleOp logo, “teleop,” with the ‘o’ as an eye, slides under the HARD-LINE logo.
♪ Exciting Rock Music ♪A man with glasses, sitting in a TeleOp chair, he is operating a machine with the help of two joysticks with buttons on them, along with the view provided by two large display screens. The worker’s head is blurred but he is looking at two monitors. The monitor in plain view is showing two views of an LHD driving in the mine with an interface of the TeleOp Auto system. Reverse, neutral, drive, articulation are some options on the interface. The secondary screen bottom right is blurred.
An LHD in operation underground without an on-board operator, this LHD is being operated by the operator in the TeleOp chair.
The man continues to operate the LHD with the TeleOp System above ground, engaging the joysticks and watching the screens.
The video on the operator’s screen shows the LHD’s view from the camera angles while in operation, scooping material underground and driving around.
Another monitor displays the mineshaft map with the LHD placed in the center, allowing the operator to steer according to the map.
Another monitor displays a 3D mapping of the mineshaft being controlled and maneuvered in 3D by the operator for a better view of the mineshaft.
The LHD driving without an on-board operator, operating its scoop to pick up material and begins driving down the mine shaft.
The side portion of the black TeleOp control station with the white HARD-LINE logo coming in then out of focus.
On another black background the TeleOp Logo and Surface mining written in big white letters.
Another man sitting in a different TeleOp chair, with his hands on the joysticks, the single TV display screen provides the operator with 3 camera angles of around the machine he is operating. The video feed displays the machine in action while the operator continues to operate.
Another man sitting in another TeleOp Chair and is operating a dozer, seen through large windows in front of the operator. The operator has two display screens, one displaying the vehicle information and the other showing a camera feed from the machine, where the operator would normally not see from his current vantage point. With the view from his windows and provided by the camera systems, the operator can maneuver the machine very well.
In a large sandy surface mining area, a large haul truck and Komatsu shovel excavator are being operated remotely. The Dump truck backs up to be loaded by the excavator. Once the excavator loads the sand onto the truck, it drives its load to a new area within the site. On it’s way, the haul truck passes by several shipping containers, the second container has the mountainous HARD-LINE logo on it. When the haul truck arrives at the new area, it unloads the sand and returns to park near another haul truck.
♪ Exciting Music slowly fades at the end of the video ♪A wire background with a piece of metal sitting on it. A printer quickly appears and engraves the HARD-LINE logo into the metal and the company colours fade in to fill the logo. The website then appears underneath reading “www.Hard-line.com” in black writing.