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HARD-LINE’s new TeleOp Assist drastically reduces vehicle damage, enhancing the efficiency of underground LHDs

septembre 15, 2021
An Operator operating an LHD with the help of TeleOp Assist

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(Las Vegas, NV) Today, exhibitors at MINExpo experienced the next level of semi-autonomous mining with TeleOp Assist. The new semi-autonomous upgrade serves as an add-on to the TeleOp base system providing users with collision detection and intelligent steering assistance.

“TeleOp Assist separates itself with the use of 3D LiDAR; technology where the pre-scanning of a drift is not required,” said HARD-LINE’s Quality Supervisor, Jeff Joki. “This allows companies who use this technology to save countless hours by making all LHDs more efficient.”

While new to market, TeleOp Assist is installed at mines all over the world. By having advanced driving modes like Cruise Control and Takeover Command the system’s accuracy has proven to be a significant cost saving measure.

“TeleOp Assist drastically reduces damage to LHDs,” said HARD-LINE’s Senior VP of Technology Ryan Siggelkow. “We’ve been hearing from clients that because of the system’s precision, TeleOp Assist has paid for itself quickly.”

Exhibitors at MINExpo who tried the TeleOP Assist simulation at MINExpo got to see firsthand the intuitiveness and ease-of-use of the interface. TeleOp assist is a perfect fit for areas that are being blasted and can be installed on any LHD, no matter the make, model, and year. TeleOP Assist is currently installed in Canada, Chile, and Australia.

To book a TeleOp Assist simulation with our team, and to find out more about the semi-autonomous product, contact info@hard-line.com



HARD-LINE is a global technology company specializing in remote & tele-remote-control solutions for heavy machinery that allow our customers to move personnel away from dangerous areas – increasing production safely. After 25 years of operations, HARD-LINE continues to evolve – with two offices in Sudbury, including a new Technology Centre in the city’s downtown as well offices in Chile, Peru, and Utah with distributors located in Australia, U.S.A, and Mexico.

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