A deep trembling occurs accompanying the trembling on screen and a loud crash plays when the logo landsDark Earth begins to tremble as the HARD-LINE logo, brown and orange mountains bisected horizontally by “HARD-LINE" written in white, crashes down onto it causing some earth and dust to be scattered. The white LP301 logo, “LP301” with the L and the P in bold lettering, slides underneath the main logo. Fade to black. 
♪ Upbeat rock music ♪The LP301 and LP401 parked side by side in a parking lot. The LP301 clearly smaller and shorter than the LP401. An orange and brown label appears pointing at the LP301. “30 Inches (0.76 meters)” written in white on the orange label. “Height” written in white on the brown label. The first shot cuts to another angle of the vehicles shows them from the side.
The LP301 advancing in the parking lot. Another orange and brown label pointing to the LP301. “6.1 MPH (9.82 Km/h)” in the orange label, “Maximum speed” written in the brown label.
The LP301, parked in the parking lot, raises its bucket. As it approaches the top of its reach, another orange and brown label pointing to the LP301, “50 Inches (1.27 meters)” in the orange label, “Bucket payload” in the brown label.
The LP301 and the LP401 parked back-to-back in the parking lot. A HARD-LINE team member stands in between them with an RRC remote held around his shoulder with a black harness. He is smiling and has his hands on the joysticks. Another label appears pointing at the LP301, “More compact version of LP401.” Transitions to another back-side view showing the compactness of the LP301, then a third view of the back.
The HARD-LINE team member with his hands on the RRC remote. He engages the right joystick. An orange label pointing to the remote, “Remote Control” written in white above the label. Inside the label, in white, “Designed for 36-inch culverts, the LP301 is the lowest-profile skid steer on the market!” As the label appears, view from an LP301 as it enters a culvert and scoops a bucket of debris from inside.
♪ Upbeat rock music ends ♪A wire background with a piece of metal sitting on it. A printer quickly appears and engraves the HARD-LINE logo into the metal and the company colours fade in to fill the logo. The website then appears underneath reading “www.Hard-line.com” in black writing.