♪ Melodic Music ♪A four-photo collage of the LP401. In the top left image, a large cruise-looking ship in the middle of the ocean. A white HARD-LINE logo, two white mountain lines bisected horizontally by the word “HARD-LINE.” Beneath it in white, the LP401 logo, the word “LP401” with the L and the P in bold lettering. In the top right panel, several old, rusted vehicles are being kept in a storage area. Overlayed on the image, in white, rough lettering, “Maring Salvage.” In the bottom left image, an LP401 attached to an old, rusted car by chains. The lights from the LP401 shine on the old car. In the bottom right frame, the LP401 attached to a different vehicle with chains while going in reverse.
♪ Melodic music stops ♪The four images split from the screen then the LP401 appears with poor lighting and is attached to a rusted, old vehicle. The LP401 is reversing down a ramp toward a large lit doorway. As the LP401 reverses, the attached vehicle rolls with it.
The warning beeping noise caused by the LP401 reversing.
More of the warning beeping noise caused by the LP401 reversing.The LP401 is then attached similarly to a different rusted vehicle. This vehicle also rolls down the ramp with the LP401 pulling on it in a sped-up motion.
♪ Melodic music continues and fades with the visuals ♪The HARD-LINE logo, brown and orange mountains bisected horizontally by “HARD-LINE" written in white, crashes down onto dark earth, causing some earth and dust to be scattered. The white LP401 logo with the HARD-LINE logo on the side of it slides underneath the main logo. Fade to black.