A faint uplifting soft rock bed starts to play as a deep trembling occurs accompanying the trembling on screen. A loud crash plays when the logo lands.Dark Earth begins to tremble as the HARD-LINE logo, brown and orange mountains bisected horizontally by “HARD-LINE" written in white, crashes down onto it causing some earth and dust to be scattered. “RRC radio remote control” with the HARD-LINE logo on the side of it slides from left to right, pausing underneath the main logo. Fade to black. 
♪ Exciting Rock Music♪An operator’s hand pulling out the red machine stop button on a yellow RRC remote. (RRC stands for Radio Remote Control). The operator activates and holds the start engine switch. The operator engages on one of the joysticks forward.
The operator, a tall man wearing a black top and blue jeans,  is standing next to the machine being operated by the remote, a CASE SV250 skid steer loader. The RRC remote is held in place on the operator around his shoulder as he is wearing a harness, giving him a chance to operate the remote with both hands. As the operator moves the loader from where he stands, the bucket is lowered.
A different operator wearing the RRC around his shoulder, is walking along the edge of a small concrete ravine . Inside the ravine, a yellow low profile skid steer loader is driving alongside the operator. He is operating it while he walks. The loader’s bucket lifts to dump out its contents.
A different operator with back turned is operating the machine with a bucket in a construction area. The worker is operating a Kawasaki 95ZV wheel loader, raising and dumping its bucket.
A different worker is operating a blue excavator in a construction yard. The operator, with the RRC placed on a flat surface, is performing a difficult jump turn maneuver.
A different operator underground, wearing safety gear, is operating an unseen machine from a designated operation area. The RRC remote is placed on a metal surface in the designated area. The machine being operated is an LHD ST2G. It travels down the drift, remaining in the operator’s view.
A 3D animated RRC remote is spinning in a black background. The remote is gray with a yellow surface on the top, with two black joysticks, the red stop engine button, and several switches. Each control has labels for its function.
A new worker operates an unseen machine, the operator is engaging both joysticks. The machine in operation is a scoop. The machine is scooping crushed stone in a pile.
An LP401 (low-profile skid steer) is backing out of a culvert with a bucket full of dirt and rocks in fast motion. The LP401 turns around and we can briefly see the operator in the background as the LP401 advances and dumps the bucket onto an existing pile of dirt and rocks.
A different operator, with the RRC remote held over his left shoulder, is operating a large CAT excavator in the snow. The excavator has no bucket and is turning around.
A new operator is operating a large CAT wheel loader. The RRC remote is placed on a surface in front of the operator as the wheel loader advances and raises its bucket.
Another operator is operating an unseen machine in a construction yard. The RRC remote is placed on a surface in front of the operator while he operates the machine from a distance. The machine that is being operated is a large yellow dozer. It slowly backs up toward the operator’s designated area.
An image of the RRC remote displays on screen in front of a dark rocky background. “Tough. Durable. Dependable.” On the right of the RRC remote.
An Aramine LHD is moving in reverse away from a pile of dirt and rocks, holding a bucket full of the material. As it begins to turn in order to move forward in another direction, we see the operator standing with the RRC remote held around his shoulders. Another man is standing next to the operator.
♪ Exciting Rock Music Comes to an end♪A wire background with a piece of metal sitting on it. A printer quickly appears and engraves the HARD-LINE logo into the metal and the company colours fade in to fill the logo. The website then appears underneath reading “www.Hard-Line.com” in black writing.